Positive Parenting as Told Through Cultural Community Voices is an exciting new opportunity for new Canadian communities to celebrate the wealth of parenting knowledge and experience they possess through a variety of multi-media products and materials.

Through video or audio, theatre or spoken word, or graphic illustration or the web, new Canadians will be paired with a professional artist to craft their story of positive parenting.

The project will help families (parent(s), youth, grandparents, and extended family) describe the parenting and family practices in their country of origin, relate their successes and lessons learned, and explain how their skills connect with a new Canadian parenting context.

An Evening of Celebration

View the photos captured at our Positive Parenting as Told Through Community Voices event.

In Allah's Hands is one of the videos developed from this project. It highlights the positive parenting practices of two parents of Muslim faith. Spoken word, theatrical performance, and visual art were all part of the evening. These resources will be used to bring new light to the positive parenting practices that diverse families bring to parenting right here in Manitoba.


Fostering and Strengthening Healthy Relationships

These stories focus on parents, caregivers, and extended family that foster and strengthen positive, healthy relationships between parent, child and extended family. This serves to contribute to facilitating healthy growth in children and maximizing their potential.

Family Traditions

These stories focus on traditional parenting practices that reflect both individual, personal family traditions, as well as the broader community practices.


These stories focus on traditional parenting practices and community support of children that serve to build resilience in children and families especially in the face of hardship and challenge.


These stories focus on traditional positive parenting practices that contribute to making the transition to Canada for children and families smoother, safer, and more unifying.

Because all citizens, no matter their birth place, love children and want them to be safe and well-cared for, "Positive Parenting" will both celebrate our differences and similarities, and teach positive parenting strategies.


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